Amanda. 22 years. Christ follower. ESFJ. Pro life. Anti Feminist. Musician. child caregiver. Masshole. hearing aids. OCD.

This blog is mainly going to be about Jesus, places I love such as New Hampshire, pro life stuff, children, favorite bands, disney, things from my childhood ( 1990s) stuff that makes me laugh lol and a couple just random cool things here and there lol.

A day to remember. skillet. pillar. disturbed. atreyu. Green day. all that remains. bullet for my valentine. breaking benjamin. blink 182. RISE AGAINST. skrillex. Three days grace. dope. demon hunter. eminem. fort minor. linkin park. killswitch engage. red hot chilli peppers. The Offspring. Avril lavigne. Flyleaf. Relient K. System of a Down. Decyfer Down. Hoobastank. All American Rejects. Elvis Presley. Rammstein. Evanescence. Lenny Kravitz. Gorillaz. The Killers. trapt. Nickelback. Daughtry. Fall Out Boy. Drop Kick Murphys. 3 Doors Down. Lecrae. Pink. Papa Roach. Puddle of Mudd.


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